Diagnostics Laboratory Technician

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Posting Date :  2024-05-31

Job Identification :  176

Department  :  Production

Responsible for receiving, testing, analyzing, recording, and reporting results of test performed. Doing so by leveraging their working knowledge of science, laboratory applications and diagnostic processes in meeting established performance expectations.

Role Responsibilities

  • Receiving, labeling, and safely storing samples to be tested
  • Determining and performing tests needed for the analysis and report
  • Recording tests and analyses and then reporting the results
  • Discussing and answering any questions regarding the results
  • Organizing and storing samples in accordance with all safety and other requirements to ensure the safety of personnel and integrity of the sample
  • Cleaning and maintaining lab equipment, including recalibration of equipment
  • Maintaining equipment records and daily work logs
  • Staying current on technical and scientific advances in their field
  • Following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and regulatory guidelines

Competencies Required for the Role

  • THOROUGHNESS/DETAIL ORIENTED – Ensuring that one’s own and others’ work and information are complete and accurate; carefully preparing for meetings and presentations following up with others to ensure that agreements and commitments have been fulfilled.
  • ADAPTABILITY/CHANGE AGILITY – Is the ability to be agile and adapt to constant change; shows good resistance to pressure and stress; is resilient and open-minded. The ability to demonstrate support for innovation and for organizational changes needed to improve the organization’s effectiveness, initiating, sponsoring, and implementing organizational change. The ability to change or be changed to fit or work better on some situation or purpose and embraces change.  Strives for continuous improvement.
  • ANALYTICAL THINKING/PROBLEM SOLVING - is the ability to identify the information needed to clarify a situation, seek that information from various sources and then tackle a problem by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach. Ability to identify and separate the key components of problems and situations.  Ability to interpret information from a range of sources to spot patterns and trends in information and to deduce cause and effect from this
  • ATTENDANCE/PUNCTUALITY – Meeting expectations requires that the employee regularly reports for work on time, prepared to start his/her assigned duties at the appointed time. Report-for-duty time is defined as readiness to perform the first assigned task at the scheduled start of a shift and employee does not leave assigned post early, works through the end of work hours.    Employee leaves and returns from scheduled breaks and lunch at designated times.
  • INTEGRITY/PERSONAL CREDIBILITY – Demonstrated ability and concern that one be perceived as responsible, reliable, and trustworthy.

Other Requirements


  • Basic laboratory knowledge
  • Associates or bachelor’s degree of science in chemistry, microbiology, virology or other life sciences
  • Detail oriented
  • Time management and prioritization skills
  • Comfortable dealing with animal tissues and specimens
  • Able to work effectively cross-functionally with all other departments and builds trust through active collaboration
  • Good command of the English language
  • Positive can-do attitude and willingness to be flexible when project priorities change.



  • Bachelor’s in science with 3+ years of experience
  • Extensive laboratory knowledge via work experience or academic
  • Highly motivated and able to work under minimal supervision.
  • Team Player
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Contribute to intellectual component of assay optimization and/or newer technique development

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Bimeda’s global innovation program sees nine state-of-the art R&D centers across four continents collaborate on an enviable product development pipeline which anticipates the ever-evolving needs of the animal health industry.

Bimeda’s eleven manufacturing facilities across eight countries allow the company to manufacture a broad range of preventative, curative and nutritional products including sterile injectables, vaccinations, nutritional boluses, feed additives, tablets, water-soluble powders, pastes and non-sterile liquids.

Globally, the company focuses on the development, manufacture and commercialization of quality Bimeda-branded products while also being the partner of choice for contract manufacturing and R&D services for prominent companies within the animal health industry.

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