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Posting Date :  2023-03-22

Job Identification :  11151

Department  :  Research & Development

• Responsible for working and conducting day to day lab operations, mammalian cell culture, virus growth/manipulation, microbiology experiments, and assist in the coordination and execution of projects assigned. • Provide technical support in the development of vaccines/diagnostics; including by not limited to antigen discovery, formulation, process development, assay development, and clinical studies. • The incumbent will interact with the manager, research team members, customers and other departments as needed, reporting results, providing technical support and for product development/improvement.

Key Position Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct assigned projects, experiment, or activities to meet the company goals and timeline.
  2. Independently lead assigned projects, set project goals, and develop project timelines.
  3. Perform virology, molecular biology, immunology, and other microbiology experiments with the aim of strain identification and differentiation of microorganisms
  4. Collect, maintain, and organize data in the form of a laboratory notebook, electronic/bench record, animal record, electronic project database, and/or production record.
  5. Able to work on BSL2 level viral agents. Isolate, grow and formulate vaccines.
  6. Communicate data/results to department manager or management team in the form of written or oral reports.
  7. Able to conduct clinical trials and write reports.
  8. Able to handle multiple projects and meet tight deadlines
  9. Analyze data/results and provide suggestions for next steps.
  10. Prepare and present data for collaborative review and regulatory agencies as needed
  11. Knowledge of 9CFR regulations for veterinary biologicals and interface with USDA compliance officers during facility inspections as required.
  12. Handle multiple projects and effective time management and keep up with scientific literature and developments in animal health industry.
  13. Able to stand for extended period, lift up to 50 lbs. on occasion as needed.
  14. Able to learn new skills and innovative problem solving

Core Competencies:

  1. FOSTERING COLLABORATION/TEAMWORK- is the ability to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor; the ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team; as a team leader, the ability to demonstrate interest, skill, and success in getting groups to learn to work together. Builds partnerships for global performance.  Respects others.
  2. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - Is the ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently, to listen – help facilitate sharing of information between people.  It is about understanding the emotional intention behind the information.  The ability to express oneself clearly in conversations, confirm understanding, communicate using data and facts.  Exhibit willingness to listen, and show respect for oneself and others in interactions with others.   express oneself clearly in verbal and business writing.
  3. TRUSTWORTHY – able to be relied on as honest and truthful.  Someone who is reliable, responsible and can be trusted completely.
  4. EXECUTION/ACCOUNTABILITY – A willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.  Accountability is when an individual or a department experiences consequences for their performance or actions.
  5. ANALYTICAL THINKING/PROBLEM SOLVING - is the ability to identify the information needed to clarify a situation, seek that information from various sources and then tackle a problem by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.  Ability to identify and separate the key components of problems and situations.  Ability to interpret information from a range of sources to spot patterns and trends in information and to deduce cause and effect from this.

Position Requirements:


  1. BS degree in Chemistry, Virology, Microbiology or other related life sciences and 2-4 years' experience working in a laboratory.
  2. Working experience on animal/human virus, cell culture, and general microbiology lab.
  3. Familiarity with aseptic practices and lab work ethics
  4. Industry experience working on animal health biologics.
  5. Working in an Industrial lab or academic lab setting



  1. MS or Phd degree in Chemistry, Microbiology or related life sciences field and 1-2 years’ experience working in a laboratory.
  2. The incumbent must be familiar with the vaccine formulation, vaccine production, veterinary biologics, research and development of biologics, quality control and regulatory agencies.
  3. Working knowledge of 9CFR USDA guidelines for vaccine production and testing.              
  4. Industry experience and specifically working and formulating adjuvants and vaccines.



  1. Able to understand basic principles of virology, cell culture, virus growth and manipulation.
  2. Knowledge of microbiology, aseptic techniques, and biological principles.
  3. Knowledge of molecular biology, and gene manipulation.
  4. Able to use computer for performing assigned duties as needed, and quality control.
  5. Able to adapt research to changing animal health needs quickly.
  6. Open minded to accept and challenge new ideas for vaccine development and animal health.
  7. Follow IACUC and USDA policies.              
  8. Strong knowledge on basic scientific principles, bench work, trouble shooting and independent planning



  1. Highly motivated and able to work under minimal supervision.
  2. Detail oriented.

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