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Life at Bimeda


Amanda Da Silva

Assistant Director of Quality Affairs, Bimeda Canada

Amanda Da Silva
Develop and grow at Bimeda

"Bimeda is an excellent environment to develop and grow. The size of the company means that you can gain experience in many different areas of the business and get involved in lots of different projects. This provides variety in your work and also continuous opportunities to learn. Learning is very important to me as I thrive on new challenges and love finding ways to continuously improve the site from both an efficiency and a quality perspective. Employees are empowered to decide for themselves how involved they get in these different projects and you will never find yourself bored, as there is always a new challenge or improvement project you can work on!"


Mikhail Karpich

QC Analyst

Mikhail Karpich
A Culture of Learning and Teamwork

"Bimeda has a great learning culture; I’ve learned a lot of new skills on the job, and training is also available which means I’m constantly developing.  I also enjoy the variety of workeach day is very interesting and different. The teamwork culture at Bimeda also makes working here a pleasure. Teamwork and the right attitude are essential for getting the job done, and we have a great team at Bimeda!"


Pauline Nandase

Logistics Administrator, Bimeda Uganda

Pauline Nandase
Opportunities for career progression

"During the seven years I have worked for Bimeda in Uganda, I have had lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Bimeda supported my development and within one year I was promoted from a Stores Assistant role, to my current role of Logistics Administrator. One of the great things about my role and about life at Bimeda, is that the work is so varied. There is also a very supportive culture, and the support of my manager, along with the collaborative spirit of my colleagues, means I am able to overcome any obstacles that present themselves and complete my work to the highest standard. Bimeda also empowers you to work independently and I have a lot of autonomy in my role. This has helped me develop key skills such problem-solving and decision making."


Dr. Jacob (Jake) Abraham

Global Operational Excellence/CI Leader

Dr. Jacob (Jake) Abraham
A career with meaning

"Bimeda’s mission and vision make a career here a truly meaningful experience, as we know that the work we do contributes to enhancing animal health and welfare, as well as helping farmers produce more safe, nutritious and affordable foods. At Bimeda I have the opportunity to bring my knowledge and skills to help improve systems, processes and practices, and to train others in CI methodologies, so that they can reach their potential. I have opportunities to help continuously improve our processes, in order to serve our society, communities, farmers and vets with excellence."


Shelby Hayes

EHS Manager, North America

Shelby Hayes
Teamwork, respect and the chance to make a difference

"Bimeda is a place where every employee can influence change and make a difference. Bimeda is an employer where you have autonomy over your own work, can display personal initiative and make a difference. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to make a difference – otherwise what’s the point!?!

Bimeda encourages teamwork and collaboration and colleagues treat each other with respect. Our continuous improvement program always drives teamwork. When you’re faced with a problem, you are fully supported to work through the problem as a team. No one makes you feel badly for not knowing an answer; it is an atmosphere of respect and everyone supports each other to achieve one common goal."


Andrew Glynn

General Manager, Ireland

Andrew Glynn
Exceptional customer focus and learning opportunities

"What sets Bimeda apart is the immense knowledge and experience you gain due to the broad variety of projects you have the opportunity to work on. There are exceptional hands-on learning opportunities and you are empowered to make decisions. The customer is always our number one priority and everyone at Bimeda deeply cares about providing exceptional service and works as a team to make sure this happens."


Kelly Polzin

Quality Control Lead, Bimeda US, Le Sueur

Kelly Polzin
True Teamwork and Constant Learning

"I’ve been at Bimeda in Le Sueur for 15 years and it is a super place to work. The work is hugely varied, meaning that we are constantly learning and broadening our knowledge.

Aside from the work itself, I love working in the QC department because we have a true team mentality and all work to help and support each other."


Dennis Carney

Territory Manager, Ireland

Dennis Carney
40 years of working together to serve our customers

"I have been with Bimeda for over 40 years, and while the animal health industry has changed a lot in this time, Bimeda’s commitment to our customers has remained our number one priority. Across all departments we are all focused on working together to do a great job for our customers.  A career at Bimeda has given me opportunity to work with driven people who want the best for customers and each other. My belief is that “alone we can do so little,  together we can do so much’’. Everyone at Bimeda has this mindset, which has made working here for over 40 years a pleasure."


Jaqueline Arciniega

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Mexico

Jaqueline Arciniega
Teamwork is part of our culture

What I like most about being at Bimeda is being part of a great team that makes me want to give my best every day. Our company values are lived in our day to day, and teamwork is part of our culture. I feel supported by my team and that makes me feel engaged to do the best work possible for my teammates and for our customers.


René Domínguez

Director, Central America & Caribbean

René Domínguez
A team of great people, working towards the same goal

"What I love about Bimeda is the fact that I am part of a team of great people who work together for the same goal. At Bimeda you are constantly learning, both to be a better professional and a better teammate. Working as a team, we see our efforts pay off as we continue to grow market share, while growing professionally and as people."


Stephen Hively

Director of Operations, Latin America (Bimeda Brazil)

Stephen Hively
Global collaboration and continuous improvement culture drive success

At Bimeda, I have always been given opportunities to grow as a professional and take on new responsibilities. Bimeda’s collaborative culture and global footprint have allowed me to work with amazing professionals around the world. The spirit of continuous improvement is very much alive and an important part of our global success, as we work together to solve problems. People development is at our core, which inspires me not only to develop my teams, but also myself, to be prepared for the challenges ahead.


Andy Zhao

Deputy Plant Manager, Shijiazhuang, China

Andy Zhao
An exciting growth strategy and a great working environment

Working at Bimeda is enjoyable and exciting. The excellent working environment and strong interpersonal relationships between employees makes the company a great place to work. Bimeda’s exciting growth strategy means employees are also enthusiastic about the future and are eager to play a part in Bimeda’s success.


Judith Moraa

IT Coordinator Africa & Graphic Designer AMEA

Judith Moraa
Varied, enjoyable work and opportunities to grow professionally

What I love about Bimeda is the varied, challenging and highly enjoyable work. The broad remit of roles at Bimeda means that every day is different and interesting, and there is plenty of opportunity to learn and grow professionally. The AMEA business covers a huge region and all departments work together as a team to deliver results for our customers.


Louise Pigott

Group Financial Accountant, Ireland

Louise Pigott
Opportunities to Progress and Learn

Since I joined Bimeda I have had the chance to progress in my role and learn from some great people. I work with the finance teams worldwide on a daily basis and have built strong relationships with my international colleagues. There are always new opportunities to be had and new things to learn from the business and those around you. The culture in our team is one of collaboration and support which is reflective of Bimeda as a whole.

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