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Posting Date :  2024-02-13

Job Identification :  117

Department  :  Executive

Role Summary:

The Executive Vice President for Europe (EVP-EU) is responsible for proactively leading, coordinating, and controlling the entire operation of Bimeda in Europe. This includes the development and execution of the regional strategy while ensuring the business meets its day-to-day objectives.


This person is responsible for the development of programs and projects whose scope is focused on achieving the mission and strategic objectives of the corporation, as well as directing all efforts to generate continuous improvement of processes, and the development of the colleagues in line with Bimeda's global strategy, philosophy, and values.


This person is responsible for all the Commercial Operations (sales, gross margin, EBITDA) for the organization in Europe, inclusive of direct sale and export markets.


The person is responsible for all Manufacturing Operations and local Supply Chain at current plants (e.g., Tallaght as well as any CMOs) with support from the global Operations and Strategic Technical Operations Teams.


The EVP-EU is responsible for the developing and executing an R&D plan that is aligned to the local and global strategy as well as coordinating said plan with any Business Development projects while ensuring the supporting regulatory activities and relations with the authorities in the region are conducive to execution of said plan.

Key Role Specific Requirements:

·   Deliver agreed upon Bimeda European operating plans, budgets, forecasts, while ensuring all operating expenses allow the region to meet or exceed the EBITDA targets.

·   Ensure financial control of the market, maintaining financial integrity consistent with the Bimeda values.

·   Generate and protect short, and long, term revenue streams leveraging technology and process enhancements to improve financial results.

·   Accurately forecast product requirements.

·   Develop a deep and practical understanding of customer needs within the market to implement differentiation programs that lead to long term customer commitments.

·   Ensure the optimal allocation of resources needed to achieve the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.

·   Ensure the creation and execution of a flexible and adaptive strategic operating plan that incorporates rapid change, technology, global strategy, local R&D, and Business Development initiatives.

·   Ensure the planning and execution of the R&D plan.

·   Ensure regulatory activities and relations with authorities in the region support the R&D and Business Development plans.

·   Ensure efficient operations and manufacturing activities in the region including the internal sites as well as coordination with any CMOs in the region.

·   Define the priorities and ensure the team maintain focus and energy on those activities that will ensure sustained commercial success.

·   Develop expertise in designing, integrating, and leading complex organizational systems through ongoing continuous improvement initiatives.

·   Drive performance management, talent planning, and any other processes that support colleague development in line with Bimeda’s value. Lead, motivate, and develop individuals and the organization to increase and capitalize on their potential to achieve or exceed results.

·   Seek and communicate feedback from the local leadership team to the global Bimeda leadership concerning organizational climate and leadership style / behaviors.

·   Ensure that top talent is recruited, developed and retained for the market and for Bimeda as a whole.

·   Ensure that all employees in the region are managed in accordance with Bimeda's vision, mission, policies, values and leader behaviors.

·   Ensure the development of reward and recognition programs that reinforce high performance in relation to objectives and effective practice of the leader behaviors and Bimeda values.

·   Ensure the development of a broad network of productive relationships with key contacts, opinion leaders, regulatory authorities and agencies, payers, industry, trade, and academic groups. The EVP-EU develops their own relationships with key stakeholders, as appropriate.

·   Ensure the proactive leverage of these relationships to influence the external environment in ways that optimize access to innovative products, Bimeda's local and global interests, Bimeda's positioning as an AH leader in the local market.

·   Actively support a continuous two-way flow of information/communication within Bimeda and its external stakeholders.

·   Develop and leverage productive internal relationships within Bimeda to drive business results, exchange and implement best practices from across the world to improve the operational excellence of the region.

·   Participate in and contribute to cross-region work that brings value to the global business.

·   Where there is a potential benefit to the global Bimeda, ensure all staff understand and successfully align efforts across divisions and functions.

·   Ensure implementation of new and revised strategies, within agreed upon timeframes that reflect overall organizational priorities that include clear consideration of their impact on team structure, resource allocation, as well as people, process, and technology development.

·   Fully align and leverage the resources of the global Bimeda functions to meet regional and local goals.

·   Use cross-functional approaches to find innovative ways to bring new solutions to the markets. Expand and broaden penetration within all markets, as well as seeking new market opportunities for existing products. 

·   Ensure the successful identification, planning and exploitation of new products, brands or trade opportunities to develop the business in line with Bimeda’s strategic direction.

·   Analyze strategy and operating plans to identify sales and/or profit gaps and whether a new brand / line extension / acquisition is required.

Please note that this job description is not exhaustive, and the role holder may be required to undertake other relevant duties commensurate with the grading of the post. Activities may be subject to amendment over time as the role develops and/or priorities and requirements evolve.

Competencies Required for the Role:

Below are the top competencies most applicable to this role. This is not a comprehensive list of all competencies required.

  • STRATEGIC ACUMEN– Establishes and communicates a clear vision for the future. Clearly establishes the gap and path between current and future state considering the implications of execution of the strategy.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY/EXECUTION – Accepts responsibility for his actions. Accountability is when an individual or a department experiences consequence for their performance or actions. Holds others accountable for their expected outcomes.
  • ADAPTABILITY/CHANGE AGILITY – Adapts to constant change, showing good resistance to pressure and stress, proving resilient and open-minded. Demonstrates support for innovation and the organizational changes needed to improve the effectiveness in many cases initiating, sponsoring, and implementing the organizational change. Strives for continuous improvement.
  • ANALYTICAL THINKING/PROBLEM SOLVING - Identifies the information and components of a problem needed to clarify a situation. Seeks that information from the various sources and tackles a problem by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach while being an agile decision maker, not suffering for analysis paralysis. Can interpret information from a range of sources to spot patterns and trends to deduce cause and effect.
  • EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATON – Understands the different communication requirements of stakeholders adapting the messaging in terms of depth, style, complexity, and timing without losing impact in the understanding from the receivers. Can adequately and promptly summarize complex situations into its most critical elements to support decision making.
  • ENGAGEMENT, DRIVE AND EMPOWERMENT - Conveys confidence in employee’s ability to be successful, especially at challenging new tasks; understanding the amount of responsibility and authority that should and need to be delegated to engage employees; allowing employees freedom to decide how they will accomplish their goals and resolve issues.
  • FINANCIAL ACUMEN – Maintains and applies a broad understanding of financial management and analysis, to ensure decisions are fiscally sound and responsible. Demonstrates broad understanding of financial principles to direct organizational activities and the assignment of resources to ensure optimal profitability.


Other Requirements:


  • Language skills: High English proficiency required.
  • Education: Third level degree in Accounting, Administration, Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Medicine, or Veterinary
  • Experience: +10 years in senior management roles as well as a proven track record in the Animal Health, allied industry, or life sciences in general


  • Language skills: a second EU language desirable but not required
  • Education: Specialization on Administration, Economics, MBA, or other relevant advanced degree a plus

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