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Wednesday, 10 June 2020 16:40

Dennis Carney

40 years of working together to serve our customers

"I have been with Bimeda for over 40 years, and while the animal health industry has changed a lot in this time, Bimeda’s commitment to our customers has remained our number one priority. Across all departments we are all focused on working together to do a great job for our customers.  A career at Bimeda has given me opportunity to work with driven people who want the best for customers and each other. My belief is that “alone we can do so little,  together we can do so much’’. Everyone at Bimeda has this mindset, which has made working here for over 40 years a pleasure."

Wednesday, 10 June 2020 15:49

Bimeda Vision, Mission and Values


To be the partner of choice for optimizing the wellbeing of the world’s animals.



As a family-owned company with over half a century’s experience in improving global animal health, we are passionate about providing our customers with efficient science-driven solutions to continuously optimise the wellbeing of animals.


To succeed in our mission and vision, we are guided in our work by our Bimeda Values. Through our commitment to our Bimeda Values, we are able to continuously drive our business forward and surpass the expectations of our customers each and every day.


Our 5 Core Values

corporate values: collaboration, accountability, learning, customer focus, and innovation

To learn more about Bimeda’s global presence, why not read our corporate brochure.

Tuesday, 09 June 2020 13:36

Deepthi Bhattiprolu

Ongoing opportunities to learn and grow

For me learning is the key for career growth. At Bimeda, I get the opportunity to be involved in a broad variety of activities and projects and this means that I am constantly able to learn and grow. The variety offered at Bimeda makes my role very interesting and also provides the chance to work collaboratively with many people across different departments.

Monday, 08 June 2020 18:49

Pauline Nandase

Opportunities for career progression

"During the seven years I have worked for Bimeda in Uganda, I have had lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Bimeda supported my development and within one year I was promoted from a Stores Assistant role, to my current role of Logistics Administrator. One of the great things about my role and about life at Bimeda, is that the work is so varied. There is also a very supportive culture, and the support of my manager, along with the collaborative spirit of my colleagues, means I am able to overcome any obstacles that present themselves and complete my work to the highest standard. Bimeda also empowers you to work independently and I have a lot of autonomy in my role. This has helped me develop key skills such problem-solving and decision making."

Monday, 08 June 2020 18:45

Amanda Da Silva

Develop and grow at Bimeda

"Bimeda is an excellent environment to develop and grow. The size of the company means that you can gain experience in many different areas of the business and get involved in lots of different projects. This provides variety in your work and also continuous opportunities to learn. Learning is very important to me as I thrive on new challenges and love finding ways to continuously improve the site from both an efficiency and a quality perspective. Employees are empowered to decide for themselves how involved they get in these different projects and you will never find yourself bored, as there is always a new challenge or improvement project you can work on!"

Monday, 08 June 2020 18:45

Shelby Hayes

Teamwork, respect and the chance to make a difference

"Bimeda is a place where every employee can influence change and make a difference. Bimeda is an employer where you have autonomy over your own work, can display personal initiative and make a difference. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to make a difference – otherwise what’s the point!?!

Bimeda encourages teamwork and collaboration and colleagues treat each other with respect. Our continuous improvement program always drives teamwork. When you’re faced with a problem, you are fully supported to work through the problem as a team. No one makes you feel badly for not knowing an answer; it is an atmosphere of respect and everyone supports each other to achieve one common goal."

Monday, 08 June 2020 18:45

Dr. Jacob (Jake) Abraham

A career with meaning

"Bimeda’s mission and vision make a career here a truly meaningful experience, as we know that the work we do contributes to enhancing animal health and welfare, as well as helping farmers produce more safe, nutritious and affordable foods. At Bimeda I have the opportunity to bring my knowledge and skills to help improve systems, processes and practices, and to train others in CI methodologies, so that they can reach their potential. I have opportunities to help continuously improve our processes, in order to serve our society, communities, farmers and vets with excellence."

Monday, 08 June 2020 18:45

Andrew Glynn

Exceptional customer focus and learning opportunities

"What sets Bimeda apart is the immense knowledge and experience you gain due to the broad variety of projects you have the opportunity to work on. There are exceptional hands-on learning opportunities and you are empowered to make decisions. The customer is always our number one priority and everyone at Bimeda deeply cares about providing exceptional service and works as a team to make sure this happens."

Wednesday, 03 June 2020 14:33

Our Story

Bimeda – Driving Excellence in Animal Health For 60 Years!

For 60 years, Bimeda colleagues have been driven by a passion for providing science-driven solutions to optimise the health and wellbeing of animals. If your next career move sees you join Bimeda, you’ll be part of a global network of over 800 colleagues who benefit from 6 decades’ of expertise in animal health, and who are committed to working together to find ever-better ways to exceed the expectations of our customers, as we develop new ways to enhance animal health, welfare and productivity.

But how did we get here? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at how Bimeda’s unwavering commitment to animal health has seen us grow from a small Irish enterprise, to a leading global player in the animal health industry. 

What started out in 1960 as a truly Irish enterprise, has grown over the course of six decades to become a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products.

In The Beginning…..

bimeda chemicalsThe original premises of Bimeda Chemicals Ltd in Phibsboro, DublinBimeda Chemicals Limited was founded on 22nd April 1960, when a group of Irish veterinary surgeons set up a company to supply Irish veterinarians with quality veterinary products. The original company motto was ‘For And By The Profession’. As the company founders were themselves veterinarians, they had unrivalled knowledge of the needs and wants of their customer base and were able to develop a highly sought product portfolio.

list of products bw1963 Advertisement from the Journal of The Veterinary Medical Association of IrelandFrom the original premises in Phibsboro, Dublin, Bimeda Chemicals Ltd manufactured a range of veterinary remedies and also distributed a variety of third party products. As the 1963 advertisement from the Journal of The Veterinary Medical Association of Ireland shows, within just a few years Bimeda had a broad and exciting portfolio of products.

Bimeda quickly gained a reputation for both quality and reliability, and successfully drove awareness of the company’s product range through regular, innovative advertising campaigns. Bimeda’s passion for marketing continues to this day and is supported by our global network of marketing colleagues.


1973 - The Bimeda Acquisition and Expansion into the UK

In 1973 Bimeda Chemicals Limited was acquired by the current Irish owners. The family already owned Osmond & Sons (Dublin) Limited and went on to acquire Constant Chemicals Ltd in 1975. These three companies were subsequently brought together in a new location in Tallaght, Dublin. The new Tallaght facility served for many years as a multi-purpose production and warehousing unit; producing injectables, intramammaries, oral solutions, topicals and hygiene products. By this time, Bimeda had also established itself in the UK market, with a distribution base in Liverpool and a reputation for high quality products.

Expansion into Africa

With Bimeda now firmly established in both Ireland and the UK, ambitions moved towards expansion. The export business became a key strategic focus, with the East African market becoming particularly important.

Despite the challenges of both travel and communication at the time, Bimeda thrived; achieving rapid success  in East Africa which has been sustained over many decades. Today Bimeda’s AMEA (Africa, Middle East and Asia) business has a physical presence in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and China, with an export division which serves the entire AMEA region.

Story_Page_Bimeda Africa
Bimeda Kenya Team

The 1990s - Coming To North America

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s Bimeda continued to grow, with a strong network of distributor and contract manufacture partners helping Bimeda products to reach veterinarians and farmers all over Europe and Africa.

However, the company had ambitions beyond the European and AMEA regions and in 1991, Bimeda commenced distributing products in the USA. In 1997, an acquisition followed, giving Bimeda its first permanent base in North America. A period of rapid expansion followed, and between 1997 and 2008, Bimeda undertook 5 key acquisitions in the USA, Canada and Mexico, creating a strong R&D, manufacturing and commercial presence throughout the North American continent.

Aerial view of Bimeda facility in Le Sueur, Minnesota
Bimeda US headquarters, Oakbrook, Illinois
Bimeda facility in Irwindale, California

A Decade of Global Acquisitions

2010 marked the start of a new decade and a period of rapid expansion driven by both organic growth and an ambitious acquisition strategy.

Between 2010 and 2019 Bimeda acquired medicinal, nutritional, diagnostics and vaccine businesses in Kenya, Brazil, the UK, US and France, as well as acquiring the veterinary medicine portfolio of Grupo Unipharm in Central America.

  • 2011


    • Assia (Kenya)
    • Mogivet (Brazil)
  • 2012


    • Vetpharm Limited
      (UK-based exports company)
  • 2013


    • Telsol Limited
      (UK bolus technology)
  • 2016


    • ArthroDynamic Technology Inc.
      (Equine product specialist, USA)
    • NBVC (Nutrition, France)
    • Iodolab (Diagnostics, France)
  • 2019


    • Veterinary Medicine Portfolio of Grupo Unipharm (Central America)
    • Texas Vet Lab, Inc (USA)
      (Vaccine manufacture and diagnostics)
  • 2020

    New Identity

    • Texas Vet Lab, Inc becomes Bimeda Biologicals
  • 2021


    • AquaTactics Fish Health (USA)

During this period, Bimeda also joined Rainbow Laboratories Ltd, in establishing a raw material testing and innovation centre in Shijiazhuang, China.

2019 also saw the opening of Bimeda’s Global Innovation Centre in Dublin, Ireland, which leads our global innovation programme, in collaboration with five additional R&D laboratories in Minnesota (USA), Texas (USA), Monet Mor (Brazil), Shiazhuang (China) and Cambridge (Canada).

Bimeda Innovation Centre

2020 and Beyond  

bimeda china mfgBimeda China Shijiazhuang FacilityFrom 2020, our state-of-the art sterile injectable manufacturing facility located in Shijiazhuang, China will proudly provide quality veterinary pharmaceutical products to China and the wider Asia region.

Today Bimeda employs over 800 people worldwide and has a presence in over 75 countries. Our 11 manufacturing and 6 R&D facilities all operate to the highest regulatory standards, and our global supply chain and distribution network sees our products used to enhance animal health in all major food-producing regions.

Bimeda is an organisation which will continue to grow, continue to invest in innovation and continue to be committed to finding ever-better ways to serve our customer, as we continue strive for global excellence in animal health.

If you would like to join us on our exciting journey, check out our current vacancies.

Tuesday, 02 June 2020 21:10

About Bimeda

Bimeda is a global innovator, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products.

We have R&D, manufacturing and distribution capabilities across Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia and are we are committed to providing science-driven solutions to optimise global animal health.

Bimeda products play a critical role in ensuring the health and well-being of companion animals, as well as optimising the welfare and productivity of animals which form a vital part of human food supply.

If you’d like to work together with a global community of over 800 people, who are all passionate about using their expertise to enhance the health of the world’s animals, then Bimeda could be the right fit for you.

Why You?

Are you the sort of person who loves learning? Where others see obstacles, do you see opportunities to work together and find solutions? Do you love the thrill that comes from taking ownership of your work, delivering on a commitment and surpassing the expectations of your customers and colleagues?

If this sounds like you, Bimeda could be the perfect fit for your next career move.

Why Bimeda?

At Bimeda, you would be part of a team which is passionate about continuous improvement and collaboration, and which works together to find ever-better ways to delight our customers. In a dynamic, stimulating and challenging environment, members of the Bimeda team have the tools, support and learning experience needed to enhance knowledge, to grow, and to thrive. At Bimeda, we are all accountable for our work and our commitment to surpass customer expectations every day.

Around the globe, we have a variety of exciting career opportunities for people who can share our ethos. Explore our careers website to see our current vacancies and to find out more about life at Bimeda.

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